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Swimming with dolphins

Dear friends! Our dolphinarium offers a unique service — swimming with dolphins. We invite all who wants to make a gift to yourself or to family members — to get an unforgettable impressions of the swimming with beautiful and friendly animals. Swimming in the company of dolphins is the greatest relax and available way to spend the time with your family and friends and also it’s a unique opportunity to get some new unforgettable impressions! The communication in our dolphinarium is based on the mutual interest — you want to get closer with these amazing animals, and they love caress and games just like kids. Our dolphins will help you to remember yourself in a carefree childhood!

Rules and prices

We form groups of 3 people for swimming. It costs 2500 rub. on weekday, 3000 rub. on weekends and holidays (for 1 person in a group). If you buy 3 places in a group at once, you’ll have a bonus. To buy the tickets for swimming you need to come to the dolphinarium any day (except Monday) from 11.00 am till 7.00 pm. You can pre-order convenient time of swimming by calling us 8-928-125-79-04 and then buy the tickets in a 3-days period. BUT!!! We can’t guarantee the presence of English-speaking person in the moment of your call. So if you don’t have Russian friends in our city, it’s better for you to sms on +79281257904, and we'll call you back, or e-mail us on info@delfinary-rostov. ru instead of calling, so that we can prepare. In your letter you should tell us about the day and time which is convenient for you to swim, so that we can have an opportunity to call our English-speaking employee, who will be happy to help you with translating during your swimming. It only costs 1 beer :) You can also order a photoshoot. Our photograph will make approximately 100 photos of your swimming and record them on your device (card, USB flash drive or hard drive). It costs 1000 rub. If you are interested in photoshoot, please inform us previously.


  1. To swim with dolphins you must be able to swim (without any helping things like armlets, lifejacket).
  2. You will need swimsuit оr swimming trunks, towel and flip-flops.
  3. There are 3 persons swim in a group at once.
  4. You should take off all bijou before swimming (rings, earrings, bracelets etc.).
  5. The trainer controls the process of swimming from the side of the pool.
  6. The duration of the swimming session is 15 minutes in the pool.
  7. One swimmer can be accompanied by one person, who can watch, make photos and video (free).
  8. Making photo and video using your equipment is free.
  9. You should come to the dolphinarium 5-10 minutes before the beginning of the session.
  10. Swimming is prohibited for pregnant, children under 10 years (strictly) and drunk persons.
  11. If you can’t come on the appointed day, be sure to let us know in 3-day before the swimming.