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Familiarity with dolphins

We saw dolphins in the sea,
The moon is reflected in their wet backs.

Did you know that dolphins can be seen in some of the most clever and unique mammals on our great planet. Dolphins this title deservedly earned hundreds of thousands of other marine and terrestrial species. Dolphins, although they belong to the suborder Odontoceti, quite similar, both external and behavioral habits of these giants in our traditional understanding. In the wild you are not acquainted with the dolphins so close, as in our dolphinarium. Moreover, a family trip to the dolphin will give a lot of positive emotions and charge a good mood, not only children but also adults.

Dolphins are very kind, friendly and sociable creatures that are amenable to many human weaknesses, such as praise or caress, and the ability to experience a wide range of emotions, in which the same and we need you. They are easy ability to train, memorizing very sophisticated «professional» dolphin numbers, which they perform with ease, grace and desire. In dolphins dolphin trainer find a common language and understanding when studying trick. Important in this training to get a «candy», and this case marine fish after the number. You see, on an empty stomach technicalities numbers for these clever animals are remembered much worse. Although dolphins and «can not smell,» the sense of smell is not very useful and effective in the water, but they are distinguished tastes — salty, sweet, bitter, etc. Employees are well aware of the dolphinarium. Perhaps, therefore, promotion item «candy» is quite effective. Dolphins are experiencing not only pleasant emotions connected with the correct implementation of the action, but also feel the taste, allowing the trainer in the dolphinarium to bolster interest in animal tricks, and without a word to say to him that he really done correctly. These marine mammals are not only able to remember the trick, but to fulfill it with pleasure, because dolphins are very fond of attention, especially the youngest viewers. The most interesting tricks obtained from the gameplay. Dolphins, like small children, it is very easy to carry away the game. They get emotional satisfaction through games and are easily trained in their process. For example, playing with a hoop and a ball from may look like a thoughtful process of training, and in fact in such tricks are almost always slips lightest element dolphin improvisation. That is, the dolphin is simply interested in the game until the coach — trainer does not remind him of the completion of the stunt. In dolphins love the gameplay, it helps to assimilate the information component trick.

In addition to all these advantages, the dolphins in their natural environment do not avoid contact with people, but in a dolphinarium they are tamed. Due to a very inquisitive mind and excessive curiosity, dolphin swim as close as possible to the people, trying to «make friends» and chat. One of the most amazing ways to communicate in the wild man and the dolphin is to save a drowning man, and sometimes even the salvation of man from shark attacks. There is even a saying: «Where there are dolphins — there are no sharks», so swimming is safe.

The most popular artists in the genre dolphins — dolphins, different rooms and liveliness of their diversity. It is due to this they are able to for a long time and naturally keep the viewer’s attention and to fill an event such as a hike in the Dolphinarium, pleasant memories and admiration.