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On our big planet, among the huge diversity of wildlife would particularly like to highlight the dolphins. These marine mammals are not a single person was left untouched. In dolphinarium with professional trainers you can experience these amazing animals, play with them, pat and make a memorable photo on memory.

The existence of so-called «life» of dolphins is full of amazing and interesting facts. Dolphins animals unique, each dolphin has its own temperament, character and demeanor. Its characteristic dolphin show not only in the wild, but in the dolphinarium at training. This is especially noticed scientists when established fact that dolphins live in «society» in which, directly, sometimes communicate not only on a specific goal, and just for fun. This fact is one of the most interesting evidence of a developed intellect in dolphins, as manifested in their communication. Just chat with dolphin dolphin trainer gives them both positive emotions not only during exercise, but also during a live audience.

Dolphins, like humans, have names in the dolphinarium is familiar to our ears combination of letters and dolphins in their natural environment is a set of signals defined key. Scientists have conducted an unusual experiment, when they noticed that the dolphin, communicating with other dolphins, reproduce certain sounds when he wants to attract the attention of the interlocutor. Scientists deduct these names sound and took turns to play on the speakers. When the dolphin heard from the speaker his «name», he showed interest and curiosity, swam to the scientists and even tried to «talk» with the equipment «calls upon» his name. In all dolphins easier simply teaches the dolphin trainer responds to the name.

Dolphins can reproduce and differentiate 186 different sounds. Moreover, they, like you and I can handle them and put in syllables, words and whole sentences. Manner of such communication takes dolphin often from parents or flock, in which he grew up. Hence takes roots bright personality dolphins. Dolphins, known for their playful nature, for the sake of entertainment can produce air bubbles under water, this trick is sometimes used in the dolphinarium. Some elements from the emission of air associated with communication, are signals.

In a large dolphin family is always very «warm» connection. Watching the dolphins, the researchers found that these unique marine mammals do not leave your family in trouble, warn against the dangers help individuals wounded, sick or weak pups.

Memory — strengths of these animals. They are able to find a family member or friend, after at least age 20. All business again in the name uniqueness of dolphins. Moreover dolphins remember not only the voice and the name of the neighbor, but especially the relationship between them. In Dolphinarium Dolphin remembers his coach and especially the relationship with it different from a relationship with another man.

Some of the smartest mammals on our planet, no doubt hurt the hearts of the people. Touching the relations between them touches the soul, their friendliness and playfulness involuntarily will smile, and their sacrifice is worthy of respect and admiration. Some of these qualities you can see by visiting our dolphinarium. Spend time in the company of dolphins under the supervision of qualified professionals, to get unforgettable emotions and just relax the soul in a pleasant atmosphere of our dolphin!