Dolphinarium in Rostov on Don

The only dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don and the best dolphin in southern Russia. Dolphinarium invites everyone to experience positive emotions. For children and adults.

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins - an unforgettable experience and a vivid impression. Swimming with dolphins in Rostov-on-Don - 1500 rubles.

The show with the dolphins

We offer a show with dolphins in Rostov-on-Don in the dolphinarium. Dolphin shows in the park Tale - 300 rubles.

Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don
Kommunisticheskiy pr. 36/4, “Skazka”, Park

Office, accepting applications: +7 928 270-68-69
Swimming with dolphins: +7 928 125-79-04


Mondayday off
Tu, We, Th, Fr — 12:00* in case of the group app.

Sa, Su — 12:00, 16:00

We open all year!


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Rostov dolphinarium welcomes you!

Dear friends! We invite you to an unforgettable show featuring talented marine artists of the Rostov dolphinarium! Playful bottlenose dolphins, baby white-whale and northern fur seals accompanied with their trainers will amuse and surprise you with their interesting and spectacular tricks! Both adults and children will get incomparable pleasure from communication with wonderful marine mammals! We are open all the year round. The show is in Russian only, without translating, but be sure you will love it anyway, because our artists speak their own language of fun, joy and love and you will definitely understand them!

Show program 300 rub./Session
+ сhildren under 5 are free without a seat
Office, accepting applications:
(863) 270-68-69
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Wonderful adventure

Swimming with dolphins

Dear friends! Our dolphinarium offers a unique service — swimming with dolphins. We invite all who wants to make a gift to yourself or to family members — to get an unforgettable impressions of the swimming with beautiful and friendly animals. Swimming in the company of dolphins is the greatest relax and available way to spend the time with your family and friends and also it’s a unique opportunity to get some new unforgettable impressions! The communication in our dolphinarium is based on the mutual interest — you want to get closer with these amazing animals, and they love caress and games just like kids. Our dolphins will help you to remember yourself in a carefree childhood!

Swimming with dolphins
3000/3500 rub. weekdays/weekend
+7 928 125-79-04
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